Inmate Silva Slumped forward in his chair and let tears roll down his cheeks unashamed.  He just kept repeating the same words over and over.

“I am so sorry.  God forgive me, God forgive us.”  I attempted to interrupt him in his grief but I was unable to reach him.  He just couldn’t seem to hear me or pull himself out of whatever hole he had crawled into.  Even with my curiosity burning, I was about to give up when finally he managed to gain a measure of control.  “Okay, Okay,  I am better now.” he was wiping his tears away and I could see the blood shot eyes underneath his hands.  “After my last deployment in Iraq I received a letter.  It was an unmarked letter except for the words:  Want to Make a Difference?  It was weird and there was no postmark on the letter.  When I opened the letter it was an invitation to Top Secret meeting.  It didn’t really seem like a request, more like an order.  So I went to this meeting even though my wife pleaded with me not to go.  To make it a short story I was invited to become part of a Top Secret Unit located at a Top Secret Base.  It was a good thing it meant that I would be stateside and no more deployments.  There was quite a bit of travel required though but after spending nine months in Iraq traveling didn’t seem so bad.  I managed to convince my wife to let me sign up.  If only I had listened to her, things might have been different.  Now upon joining this unit I was given a promotion, hazard pay, top secret pay, and paid housing in an amazing housing development.  What was not to like right?”  He chuckled to himself.

I stared at me trying to take in the words that he was saying before I gave him a quick nod.  “Go on Silva.”  He stopped laughing quickly glancing at me and shrugged.

“So I was sent my orders and told to report to my new base; Fort Gettysburg, now before you go saying there is no base there.  Remember that it is a Top Secret Unit at a Top Secret Base for a reason.  Like honestly have you ever met anyone who worked at Area 51?  No I didn’t think so and that is not that big of a secret base.  So it makes sense logically that you haven’t met anyone who worked at Fort Gettysburg.  When I arrived to the base I was given my first assignment.  I was assigned personal security for a Major, I was to go where and when he went anywhere.  I didn’t ask many questions, the Army teaches you not to questions those who outrank you and with the money I was making questions didn’t seem very smart.  My first week there I found an envelope in my locker it had a date, an address, and a time.  I was told to pack everything I would need for a three day stay weapons, clothing, and any personal effects I might need.  Our first stop was Nigeria we stayed a shitty hotel and  it was hot as balls.  The Major and I stayed in the same room and I would awake to always find him up and ready to go no matter what time I woke up.  He was always on a computer or a phone.  He didn’t talk to me, he expected me to follow when and where he went.  During that first visit he met with several individuals ranging from farmers to mercenary types.  We even visited the local water treatment center that supplied water to much of Nigeria.  It was strange he never spoke to me that entire trip.  We stayed for three days exactly before I found myself on a plane flying home.  The next trip we made was to Russia.  We wore civilian clothes and the Major claimed we were there as tourist when we checked in at customs.  While there again he met with various people even some KGB looking types.  Our longest visit though was at a church in Moscow.  He never told me what we did at that church but I remember there was sweet nun there.  What was her name?”  He paused while he thought about.  Then exclaimed as he remembered.  “Gabby that’s right it was Gabby.  She was very kind to me while I waited for the Major to finish up his meeting with the Head Priest at the church.  She even told me that the Major was meeting with some very important but she refused to go into details.  After that trip ee made several more ranging from China, to Seattle, and even to Canada.   There were  only two things that were ever the same.  The first thing was that I would always be slipped my itinerary in my locker never in person.  Second the Major always left the base with a silver metal suitcase that was attached to his wrist via a black handcuff.  Lastly  he never returned with that suitcase no matter where we traveled to or how long we were gone.”  Inmate Silva stopped for a second taking a deep breath before he continued on.

“The Major was strange and while he almost never spoke to me, during one of the trips he turned to me on the plane.  I was startled because he never spoke to me.  His voice was unnerving, gravely, and soft.  He told me how good of a job I was doing.  That he liked traveling with me better than the last guy he had been assigned.  The last guy a Sergeant Anthony Croasmun or some such name anyways had talked to much but not you Staff Sergeant Silva, he said.  Then this Major proceeds to tell me that my wife Brit is beautiful and my son Carl is amazing.  It honestly caught me completely off guard.  I was completely stunned and a little sick to my stomach the rest of that trip.  I couldn’t wait to get as far from this Major as possible.  But he didn’t want to stop there proceeding to tell me that I was a part of something amazing and wonderful.  That the good work we were doing would change history.  He told me not to worry about Brit and Carl that they would be taken care of.  I didn’t know how to take this but it didn’t sit well with me.  Do you know why it didn’t sit well with me?”  He looked at me and I couldn’t think of a reason so I shook me head.  “I never told him my wife or my son’s name.  How did this sick fuck know their names?  So I started digging and researching the dates and times of the trips that the Major and I had made.  You will never believe what I discovered…”  He was interrupted as I jumped up out of my seat as a key slid into the locked door behind me.  I turned around to see a short correctional officer walking into the room.  Her dark brown hair was put up in a tight bun on the back side of her head.  She had glasses with dark brown rims.  I recognized her as officer Lizzett.  I watched her walked over to me not saying anything until she reached my side, but she was smiling.  She then leaned down and whispered in my ear softly.

“Downstairs a detachment of military police just arrived.  You are never going to guess who they are here to see.”  She looked at me waiting for me to guess before she nodded at Inmate Silva.  I could feel the blood draining from my face as I turned to look at Silva.  He had a look of sheer panic growing across his face.  Officer Lizzett turned around and began walking towards the door.  When she stopped and looking back at me.  “Oh they even have a Major with them.”



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