“They even brought a Major with them.”

The words sent a shiver of bone chilling terror down my spine.  Questions began to race through my mind at 100 miles an hour.  What was going on?  Why had this man Silva ended up here and how the hell did I get tangled up in this mess?  Why was a freaking Major sitting down on the first floor waiting to get into the county jail?  Was there any truth to what Silva was saying or was he full of crap.  The questions I had floating around in my head would have given even the Riddler a headache.  As I processed everything I turned  from where I had been facing Officer Lizzett and the door she was exited.  I looked up to meet the gaze of Inmate Silva and it became abundantly clear that he knew something bad was about to happen.  Like the warriors of old he sat with a stoic expression on his face.  He had the look of one who had outlived too many battles to be scared anymore.  Simply no more tears to shed.  So he sat there like a rock unmoving and uncaring about what was coming.  I went over everything that I might say to him yet nothing seemed appropriate.  I decided to start by trying to reassure him that all would be well, even though I didn’t feel like it would be.

“Silva, its going to be okay,  You don’t know what they want.”  The words seemed hollow to even my own ears.  I had to tell him something, I just felt if I didn’t I would be resigning him to whatever fate this Major might have in mind for him.  In truth I was helpless to do anything.  I had no control here, this was the Correctional Officer’s house and I merely a guest in it.  I was trying to come up with something else to say to make the situation seem a little less dire, when I felt the table move as Silva slammed his fist on the desk in frustration.

“You have to get word back to my family, Shepherd.  You gave me your word as a fellow solider.  Don’t do me like a Blue Falcon.”  He used the term for when one solider screws over another solider and no one wanted to be known as a Blue Falcon.  “Listen closely to me Shepherd.  It looks like I won’t get to finish my story.  No matter what happens you get to my wife and son. Make sure they know, I love them.”  He glared into my eyes intensely.  Not breaking his gaze until I nodded in the affirmative.  “Alright listen up.  You know where  Purgatory Bar is?”  I wasn’t familiar with the location and I motioned with a shrug that I didn’t know.  “You need to drive up the 41 on your way to Yosemite and there is a shopping center called The Citadel. You will know it when you see it, it looks like a castle sitting alone.  It isn’t too far outside of Oakhurst.  Once you get there go in and order a silver margarita with no salt from the bartender a fellow named Brayton.”  He looked questionably at me to make sure I understood what he was saying before continuing on.  “When, Brayton, brings you the drink make sure that you say these exact words.  “I hear that a Dawn is coming?”  Brayton then will respond with the code. “There will be a Dawn of Justice and a day of reckoning. ” This will let Brayton know that you are there because something happened to me.  Brayton has secretly hidden all of my notes and research about everything.  You are not going to believe what we were doing at Fort Gettysburg.  Please hold your judgment of me, like I said I didn’t know what we were doing.”  He stopped and waited for me to process everything.  I was going over everything in my head.  Making sure to memorize everything detail so that I wouldn’t forget even a single one.

“Ok, so I go to this bar in the middle of nowhere and I hope that a bartender named Brayton is working then I ask him about a Dawn.  Then he is just going to give me all of your notes?”  It sounded a bit far fetched for me to believe.

“Yes use the code and don’t screw it up.  Brayton was the only other solider to ever escape the Fort.  He is dangerous and if he thinks for even an instant that you are not with me, then he will kill you.  Then he hide your body in the mountains where no one will ever find you.”  The glean in his eye told me that he was dead serious about this.  I nodded my understanding as I heard the door behind me open up.  I looked up to see two Military Police Officers flanking either side of a Major walking into the room.  The were escorted by Officer Reese, a short Hispanic Correctional Officer that I considered a friend.  Reese’s face had a look of uncertainty on it.  He stood at the door not wanting to come in any further than he had to.  The Major was about average height I would guess 5’10”.  His head was buzzed short and graying.  The way he moved reminded me of a silver fox.  His face carried a long scar that ran from his right eye down his cheek.  The scar met the edge of his lip and gave the smile he now carried a wicked slant to it.  He didn’t even notice me as I watched him.  His eyes were focused on Silva and him alone.  Then, he spoke, and I was filled with terror at the menacing sound of his voice.

“Silva, my dearest friend how are you?  I have been searching quite some time for you.  I need to deliver some deeply saddening news.”  His voice was soft and rasping almost like a harsh whisper.  That wicked smile never left his face, even though he had said he was delivering sad news.  I heard Silva go to stand up, but both of the Military Police Officers rushed to either side of him, securing him tightly by the arms.  It wasn’t hard considering that both of Silva’s hands were already cuffed in front of him.  The Major didn’t flinch but looked amused at the spectacle.  He continued speaking.  “It is with my deepest regret, that I must inform you, there was a break in at your house recently.  Both your son and your pregnant wife were home when three masked and armed individuals entered the home.”  The Major took a deep breath and was obliviously taking his time as if this were some sort of a game to him.  I looked from the smiling Major, to Silva, who was glaring with rage.  Inmate Silva stood there shaking and tears welled up in his eyes.

“Please no, please oh God no.”  Silva let out a sob, as tears rolled freely unashamed down his face.  The Military Police  Officers seemed to clutched Silva even more tightly as he struggled to escape their grasp. The Major continued on unfazed.

“Oh did you not know she was pregnant?”  The Major shrugged as if it was of no consequence.  “I hear your son met his fate rather quickly, but your wife on the hand,  from the report, it looked like she put up quite a fight.  The men took their turns until upon her before they finally slit her throat open.  From the look of the room blood must up gushed from her body.  There were so many claw marks on the bathroom floor.  Such a terrible thing to happen.  It’s sad, perhaps if only you had been there.  Who knows you might have stopped it.”  Silva lost control as the anger and rage took over.  I saw him elbow the officer on his right in the nose, causing the officer to release his grip as both of his hands went instantly to his nose .  Silva managed to shake the other one off and knocking him over with a jolting force.  Silva, now, free turned and with a murderous glare, lunged over the desk like an animal possessed.  In his rage he knocked me over because I was in his path.  I fell over backwards in my chair, as Silva clawed his way over me reaching out for the Major.  I was on my back looking up as Silva pounced towards the Major.

“You Son of a Bi…”


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