The Fire

I looked up locking my gaze on Todd. Taking in the situation, I knew that my answer was simple.  I was beginning to feel light headed.  The poisonous blood was running its course through my body.  I could feel my temperature spiking.  There was so much pressure on my temples that I thought my head […]

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The Mysterious Todd

I froze looking up at the figure not really comprehending that he had even spoken to me. My eyes scanned his pale face as my brain raced to process what I was seeing.  His face was long and larger than a normal human head.  He had two large blue eyes that seemed to be piercing […]

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The Light

Time seemed to freeze in that moment; I could see the Major’s back as his attention was intensely focused on what was making that noise. I pushed myself up onto my hands and knees trying to be as quiet as I possibly could.  I looked around and located Officer Reese lying about five feet to […]

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What is he?

Time seemed to come to a halt as Silva lunged over me towards the Major. I could see Silva flying forcefully through the air as a smile crept across Major Fox’s face. Then in the blink of an eye I watched the Major move with inhuman speed. If I hadn’t been watching closely I probably […]

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