What is he?

Time seemed to come to a halt as Silva lunged over me towards the Major. I could see Silva flying forcefully through the air as a smile crept across Major Fox’s face. Then in the blink of an eye I watched the Major move with inhuman speed. If I hadn’t been watching closely I probably would have missed the sudden movement. I watched as the Major pulled a syringe full of green glowing liquid out of his right breast pocket. He yanked the cap off and leaned over whispering quietly but not so quietly that I couldn’t hear what he was saying.

“She tasted good, as her life slipped through her blood soaked fingers. Now let me show you first-hand what we were doing all this time.” He raised his right hand and before Silva had even completed his lunge the Major sunk the surgical steel tip of the needle into his neck. Silva reached up and grabbed his neck as he fell forward, limp. Silva tried to push himself up with his hands but he couldn’t seem to muster the strength. It was as if his muscles weren’t responding to his mind’s commands.

“Wh…Wha..What have y..o…….u done?” Silva managed to turn his head and look at the Major, who was looking down at him with an evil smile that didn’t touch his eyes. The Major just sat there watching and studying Silva as he lay on the ground struggling to push himself up. I watched as the strength just seemed to flow out of Silva leaving him helpless. He was still trying to push himself up as Officer Reese rushed into the room.

“What the hell is going on here?” He looked questioningly at the Major. The Major didn’t take his eyes off Silva though. Reese approached him and reached up to grab his right shoulder. Suddenly the Major looked and pure hatred filled his eyes as he locked gazes with Officer Reese.

“How dare you? Who are you to touch me? Take your hands off of me at once.” He turned his body and his taller frame seemed to envelop Officer Reese in a great dark shadow. Officer Reese was not frightened of the larger Major though. Instead of cowering, Officer Reese moved closer as if he was going to apprehend the Major, still not removing his hand from his shoulder. If I thought the Major had moved quickly before now it looked as if he was moving at 100 miles per hour. Just as Officer Reese brought his other hand up to grab Fox’s wrist, the Major reached up and grabbed a hold of the hand that held his shoulder. Then the Major twisted Officer Reese’s hand violently. I heard a loud crack and a snapping sound as Fox wrenched Reese’s hand.

“Agh!!” Officer Reese protested in pain and tried to pull his mangled hand away from the iron tight grasp that Fox had on his right hand. Fox smiled as he held Reese’s hand out in front of him hanging limply. Then in a blur of motion Fox dropped the hand and moved in towards Reese bringing his fist in Reese’s throat. Reese tried to cough loudly but no sound came out and he stumbled backwards. Reese brought his hands up to his throat as if to signal he was choking involuntarily. The Major wasn’t done though and with an unnatural strength he picked up Officer Reese and threw him into the wall. Crack! I heard the bones break as his body slammed into the wall with such force that bits and pieces of the wall began to crumble down on the floor. Dust erupted into the room showering everything with a thin white layer of concrete. The dust filled room making it difficult to see anything. I felt the air stir as something moved at a high rate of speed next to me. Then again I heard a strangled noise and a grunt. Suddenly I felt something land about 2 feet to my right from where I was still on the ground, where Silva had knocked me down. I reached out and felt a body next to me. I looked up to Officer Reese’s left hand reaching out towards my hand. I tried to move towards him as my eyes met his red rimmed eyes. I watched as tears rolled down his face. I saw the look of pain so horrible it could never have been explained with words.

“Help me.” He whispered to me as I watched him sob in pain. I gripped his hand and was holding on trying to consul him when he was ripped from my grasp. He was yanked so hard that my hand holding him might have been yanked out of its socket. I heard Officer Reese screaming in agony as more blows were landed against his body. Again I heard bones cracking. Suddenly a wet snapping noise filled the room. The screaming stopped suddenly and the room became deathly silent. Then I felt a warm light mist almost like morning dew touch my face. I brought my hand up to wipe away the mist. I jumped up and gasped as I pulled my hand away, it was covered in blood. I looked up as I saw a pair of boots standing in front of me. I didn’t want to look at the body attached to the boots but I couldn’t help myself. I looked up to find the ever smiling Major Fox standing over me.

“Well what do we have here?” He asked as if he already knew the answer. He was breathing hard as he was out of breath from the physical energy he had expended in killing Reese. He advanced on me with the intention to no doubt end my life as well. He was stopped short as a new sound was heard. At first it was soft like the sound of leaves falling on a quiet autumn day. I strained my ears as I watched Fox who appeared to be listening as intently as I was. A new sound echoed within the room, it was a soft growling noise like the sound a wolf hunting its prey. Then it was followed by a scraping noise as if someone was trying to get up but was unable to. The Major had a look of excitement as the sound continued. His face covered in a thin layer of blood and dust. His eyes had a look of crazed and wild lust. “Finally the world will know. Finally!”

Then an ear shattering growl pierced the air. “GRRR….”


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