The Light

Time seemed to freeze in that moment; I could see the Major’s back as his attention was intensely focused on what was making that noise. I pushed myself up onto my hands and knees trying to be as quiet as I possibly could.  I looked around and located Officer Reese lying about five feet to my right.  Without making any sound I made my way towards him.

I had to hold my gasp of shock as I saw his lifeless eyes staring blankly at me.  He had a wound on his neck that he was still bleeding.  I looked at his black utility belt and I saw his baton safely locked into place.  I used my right hand to silently unclasp the button that held the baton locked in place.  Then I slid it out of its compartment and clenched it in my right hand.  I knew that I had to be quiet or I wouldn’t stand a chance against the Major.  The dust was starting to settle in the room and I could make out a figure standing in front of the Major.  They were only a few feet away from me.  I saw the Major watching with a sick look of satisfaction on his face as Silva stood facing him.  It was weird though Silva was facing him but his body was standing at an awkward angle.  His left shoulder was drooping as if his arm was out of its socket.  I watched as he attempted to take a step towards the Major but it was more like a limp.  As Silva moved his right foot forward he dragged his foot across the floor making an ear piercing grating noise.  He was putting too much weight on his foot and it caused him to stumble forward.  Silva then raised his hands to about shoulder height.  Again something was off putting about his movement.  Then I heard the excited voice of the Major breaking the eerie silence.

“Come here.  Come closer, I want to get a better look at you.  I want to see what they created.  You don’t move much like a solider any more.  But who knows there might be a use for you yet?“  He motioned for Silva to move towards him.  Silva let out a low pitched growl and continued his steady advance.  “Come on dammit can’t you move any faster?”  The Major barked angrily.  Silva just dragged his left foot forward again putting too much weight on it and causing the grating noise again.  Silva managed to make it so that he was standing right in front of the Major.  The Major then suddenly shot his right hand forward and yanked the Silva off of the ground with one hand.  He held his neck as he picked him off of the floor.  Silva tried to reach out and attack the Major with his hands swinging about violently.  The Major just stood there observing him as he held him in the air, his legs just dangling.

“Grrr…”  A strangled sound escaped Silva’s lips. The Major just smiled not moving a muscle.

“What a pathetic waste of space you are.  I thought the sermon would do more.  I thought it would make you something more.  Instead you are still as worthless now as when you were alive.”  Then I suddenly pieced it all together, the jerky movements, and the grating noise. I saw that Silva’s head was caved in on the right temple. Anyone who suffered that blow would have died almost instantly.  I looked and saw that Silva’s eyes were now filled with blood, I could no longer see the whites of his eyes and the color had changed to a pale yellow.  His skin seemed to have taken on a deep blue hue as if he had lost all the oxygen in his body.  He was fighting against the hold of the Major and I saw my opportunity to strike.  While the Major was completely focused on Silva, I moved silently to get behind him.  I softly extended the cold black metal baton out.  I raised my right hand up and with all of my strength I swung down upon the skull of the Major.  The baton meet his skull but rather than a crushing sound as I had expected his skull to cave in.  The metal baton bounced off his skull and barely grazed his scalp opening a small laceration across his temple.  Blood erupted from the laceration and shot into my face.  I started coughing as the blood covered my eyes and mouth.  It was a dark reddish green colored blood and it smelled like sulfur.  The Major didn’t even cry out in pain or move, instead he turned his head towards me.  I saw a red hot fury in his eyes and knew he had every intention to kill me right then and there.  Then Silva managed to move his hand around far enough and sink his teeth into the Major’s arm that had been holding him.  I watched as the anger swept across his face.  Then I heard a click of metal as if something was being pulled out of something else.  The sound came from the door entrance.  I looked up and saw a small compact canister being thrown into the room.  I saw several bodies dressed in the dark green suits of the Special Action Response Team wearing gas masks and holding their weapons at ready.

“Flash, get down!!”  Then the canister exploded and a blinding white light filled my vision.  I could feel the Major’s blood running down the back of my throat.  I heard a gush of wind and then I was flying backwards meeting the wall against me.  The air exploded out of my lungs.  All I could see was a blinding white light and I felt like I was floating in another world.  I somehow saw something coming towards me, at first just blurry shape in the light.  It came closer and looked somewhat humanoid form but it seemed stretched out as if somehow had taken a human and pulled him out like a rubber band.  I saw two huge black eyes peering intently at me.

“Hi, I’m Todd.”

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