The Mysterious Todd

I froze looking up at the figure not really comprehending that he had even spoken to me. My eyes scanned his pale face as my brain raced to process what I was seeing.  His face was long and larger than a normal human head.  He had two large blue eyes that seemed to be piercing me as he looked down at me.  He stood at about 8 feet tall and his whole body seemed delicate and fragile.  His hands were clad in a fingerless gloved armor that was colored blue with golden accents.  He had an armored chest piece on that was colored in the same bright blue as the gloves.  It flared up at the shoulders and almost framing his face with sharp points accented in gold.  The gold then flowed down and hugged his pectoral muscles and then outlined his abs.  He had a pair of armored pants that look the same colored bright blue with gold accenting his muscles.

Although he looked ready for war he stood at ease in a non-threatening manner.   More as if he was just observing me.  His large eyes peering down at me, as my heart raced, I feared it was going to beat out of my chest.  He moved his hand in what seemed to be a wave.

“Hi, I’m Todd.  Your name is Shepherd is it not?”  He stood patiently waiting for an answer.  I looked around and discovered everything was bathed in a blinding white light.  No longer was I in the jail, hell I didn’t even know if I was on Earth anymore.  I thought to myself, I have to be dreaming and I really wanted to wake up now.  With a sign of relief, I remembered if you pinched yourself while dreaming you could wake yourself up.  I quickly brought my hand up and clasped unto my skin with my thumb and forefinger pinching down much harder than I had intended.

“Ouch!!”  I cried out and looked around.  Well crap that didn’t work, everything was still white.  I looked up again to see the tall figure standing over me.  He had his head cocked to the side with what must have been a smile.  He had no lips so it was difficult to tell if he was smiling but the corners of his mouth were definitely raised up.  I looked closely at his face and I could see that he had long ears that came to a point but stayed close to his skull.  His hair was silver and cut to look like a Mohawk, although it was a small Mohawk that came only inches off his head.  His skin was a pale smooth white color and his blue eyes seemed to sparkle like sapphires.  His fingers were long and slender as was his entire body. I watched as he spoke, his voice soft but with a hard edge to it.

“Hi, I’m Todd.”  I was about to respond with a smart ass comment but was interrupted.

When, Todd finally added some new words to his vocabulary. “Do all members of your species indulge in the ritual of causing pain to one’s self?  You know who else participates in such practices is the species of the planet, Gliese.  Although it really is only a part of their mating ritual however if humans prefer pain you may need to meet them.  I shall have to introduce you one day.”  He smiled to himself as if he had told a joke.  “But now is not the time for that.  Now Shepherd we have more pressing matters to deal with.  That blood that you just ingested into your system is going to poison your body.  Unfortunately there is nothing I can do to stop it at this time.  I can however offer you something that can fight the effects of the poison.  A sort of fighting fire with fire type of solution.”  He paused making sure I was paying attention before he continued.  “We don’t have much time; The Silver Fox is going to realize I am here.  He is far more dangerous than you realize, but you will.  The road before you is littered with far more pain and hardship than you can even begin to imagine.  Something is coming that is forever going to change your planet.  The Silver Fox has made a deal with an alien species that he thinks he can control.  The Salvatear cannot be controlled; they are hell bent on control and destruction.  Their race travels the galaxy supplying the inferior species with great power but at even greater price.  They are nothing to be trifled with however he has made a pact with them and now I fear Earth will suffer.  So, I need to know do you want the fire?”

I starred not sure what to say…

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