The Fire

I looked up locking my gaze on Todd. Taking in the situation, I knew that my answer was simple.  I was beginning to feel light headed.  The poisonous blood was running its course through my body.  I could feel my temperature spiking.  There was so much pressure on my temples that I thought my head was just going to pop.  I was trying to focus but I was finding it more difficult with each passing second.  I felt time slow almost as if I was watching the sand shift lower and lower in an hourglass.  My time was running out.  Then I felt the cold hands of Todd on my face, I thought it was rather funny that I hadn’t even witness him move but yet he was standing over me now.

“Shepherd, I am going to show you what faith lies ahead for your planet. It’s going to be painful. I am sorry for that but I fear I must so that you will understand.”  His hands gripped my head tighter.  If I had thought that my head was going to explode earlier but now I felt a new sensation of pain.  It was a hard and deeper pain far greater than any I have ever felt before.  Todd gripped me tightly and sudden my vision filled with vibrant colors of blue and green flashes.  It felt like I was staring into the center of a firecracker.  Tears ran down my face in face in pain.  Suddenly I was falling, no longer in the room, but someplace else.  I was falling so fast.  I watched as the ground reach up to greet me; I tried to cover my face.

Right before I hit the ground something yanked me up. It was an odd sensation, I was there but I wasn’t there if that makes any sense.  Like I was dreaming as I was floating over the land.  I recognized Earth below me.  I was floating over the Great Wall of China, while I had never seen it before I had seen enough pictures to know what it was.  I heard a buzzing noise followed by a loud sound of exhaust.  I turned to watch as large missile exited its silo and flew into the atmosphere headed in a western direction.  Followed by several more missiles being launched some headed to the north and some to the east.

Something yanked me up and began moving towards the first missile. I was moving so fast and I looked down to see Hawaii as a blur as I sped by.  I quickly made it to Los Angeles just in time to witness the missile striking in the heart of the city.  A huge mushroom cloud exploded as I gasped in horror at the explosion.  A huge unseen wave rippled through the city as an earthquake was set off.  I watched as millions of people dead a fiery death.  I tried to turn my head away but something held me firmly and I was unable to look away.

Then I was moving again this time north and I saw the space needle of Seattle. The scene below me defied logic.  I looked down to see a man in his thirties standing the middle of the road.  He looked confused and his movements were jerky.  I tried to warn him by shouting at him but no sound came out as a car barreled towards me.  The black SUV made contact and the man went flying.  A pedestrian who had seen the whole thing ran to assist the man who was now lying in the middle of the street.  As the woman tried to perform CPR I watched as the man on the ground reached up.  He yanked her hair back and pulled her close to him.  She let a blood curdling scream as he bit into her neck.  I heard the sound of a window being rolled down and I saw the smiling face of the Major watching the scene unfold.  Several more people ran over to help the woman and tried to hold the man down.  He kept trying to bite them even though from his injuries I could tell he was clearly dead.

Again I was forced to move away from the gruesome scene. This time I flew over the United States and I saw fires burning.  I watched earthquakes reduce cities to ash.  I witnessed thunder storms raging above and bringing death from above.  The Midwest was flooding and people were clinging to life on their roofs.  I saw entire landscapes change as huge tower forest grew where none had been before.  The trees seemed to give off their own glow of a green eerie light.  Dry deserts formed composed of red sand.  Tornados ravaged the northern United States, bringing death by the millions.  The world was falling apart, the dead were walking again.  I could barely comprehend what I was seeing.  Everywhere I looked though people were looking up as if asking God for help.

God didn’t answer though; something far more terrifying answered their call. Huge black ships descended upon Earth. When the doors opened people ran to them as if they offered salvation.  Salvation is not what they were met with but death as tall hulking figures clad in black armor exited the ships.  They stood about 7 feet tall but were at least 3 feet wide with huge humps on their backs.  They had small insect like heads with two large domed bug eyes.  They all carried weapons that looked similar to an assault rifle.  The figures raised their rifles and slaughtered anyone who was even remotely close to them.  Panic now set in and I was fighting to get away from this god awful scene.  I felt my body begin to shake violently.  My eyes rolled up in my head and I lost all control of my body.

I don’t know how long I was like that. When I was finally able to move my body on its own accord I tried to push myself up but found that I was too weak.  A fit of coughing caused me to begin shaking again.  I lifted me right hand to cover my mouth and watched as it came away covered in blood.  I have never felt so tired before and all I wanted was to sleep.  My eyes slowly started to close when I heard Todd’s voice.

“Shepherd.” The concern was evident in his voice.  I looked over but I could barely make him out because my vision was so blurry.  I motioned my hand to have him come closer to me.  I watched as darkness began to creep into the edge of my vision.

“Do… I…t…”  I barely managed to get out the words before my eyes closed.   Suddenly I saw clearly as Todd raised both arms above his head.  In his hands he held a knife pointed down at my chest.  In a panic I tried move my body but I had no control.  The knife came down and pierced my skin, sliced through my muscles, missed my rib cage completely, and found its mark, my heart.

Fire then erupted in a bright green flame from my heart where the knife protruded from me. My skin tingled and then as if I was doused in gasoline my skin lit up with green flames.  I was screaming as I lay there burning.  I met Todd’s eyes only to see him smiling down at me above the flames as he watched me burn.

Then as quickly as it had begun it was over. Everything went black.

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