Caught With Your Hand In The Cookie Jar

I am not sure how long it was until I became aware that I was still alive. I felt like I was suspended and floating in a sea of blackness.  It was unnerving at first and I felt like I dangling with nothing to hold on to.  It was the first time in all my years that I felt truly alone.  Then it occurred to me, that I must be dead.  Yes that would make sense, I suppose.  I tried to move my body but I was unable to feel my body.  I wonder if perhaps I was a ghost now.

As I was assessing my situation I became aware of a green flame in the distance as if it was beckoning me.  I am not sure how but I started moving towards it was as if I was willing myself in that direction.  The closer that I got the brighter the green light became.  Suddenly I heard a familiar voice.

“It’s going to be okay Shepherd.  You are going to have to pass the trail now or perish.  It was the only way; I hope that in time you come to understand that.”  Todd’s voice quivered in sadness as if he was crying.  I could faintly feel his hands holding my face.  Then I felt a drop of wetness as a tear fell upon my face.  “Please don’t die Shepherd, your world needs you.  I showed you what you lay in store for your Earth if you cannot find the power to stop it.  If you can hear me Shepherd, Fight harder than you have ever fought before or you will and your world will become dust for the Salvatear to devour.” Still I felt his hands upon my face.

Then a door burst open and I felt Todd jump in surprise and turn.

“Oh my god Todd, what have you done?”  I heard an unknown figure speak in a hushed tone.  I heard the sound of a door being shut quietly.

“Touo, I had to or their whole world was going to be destroyed.  You don’t understand these people can offer so much to the Galactic universe.  We cannot allow the Salvatear to destroy their world.”  Todd was pleading with the unknown figure of Touo.

“My lord Todd, your master, The Great Tonara, has forbidden you to become involved in this matter.  Tensions are already high within the council and the Salvatear will not tolerate interference with their plans for Earth.  They have already planted the seeds of their home world upon the surface.  Even as we speak Earth is changing to become more like the Salvatear’s home world.  They have already begun Terraforming their world.”  Touo spoke in a scared and quiet tone as if he feared someone might hear him.

“All the more reason we must give the people of Earth a fighting chance.  They cannot be allowed to perish.  You never asked me what I witnessed during my trial of the Green Flame.  I saw a time when all the species of the universe were beholden to a Dark Cult.  Slowly we were wiped out without remorse or hesitation.  And I believe that the Salvatear are working to further the ends of this Cult and we have to stop them no matter what.  So I am creating a warrior out of this human.”  I felt Todd place his hand on my heart.

“My lord you do not even know if he can survive the trail.  Very few ever survive their time in the Green Flame.”  Touo sounded unconvinced.

“Then Touo help me.  You work in the science field; there must be something there that can help them.”  Again Todd was pleading with Touo.  It was quiet for several moments until finally I heard the voice of Touo speak again.

“There is something, but if they find out they are going to kill you and me.  There is a technique that was developed, if we could find the right host then the host would be able to unlock certain latent abilities within some individuals if they carried the right nucleotides within their DNA.” He paused and I could tell something was going on.  “Think of the individuals who have a lock within them that have prevented them from reaching their full potential.  Well the host would basically have that key, but again we would have to find the right host.  I think a human’s body is just too weak to undergo the process though.”  Touo stopped again.

“Touo, you stand a human’s body, so one body is not enough what if you had two?”  Todd said it as a bit of excitement crept into his voice.

“Todd, you can’t have two parts of key, it just wouldn’t make a whole.  Does that make sense?”  Todd quickly interrupted him.

“What if the two came from one?”  Todd said in a matter of fact tone.

“Twins.”  Touo and Todd said at the same time.


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