Ha, Ha, Ha!!


I heard the word once again, before I felt myself drifting away into a deep and dark emptiness.   It was all completely still and absolutely silent, I found it to be so peaceful.  After all that I had just bore witness to I found the silence to be calming.  While I found myself worried about the future of my planet, I was so overwhelmed in that moment.  It was a strange sensation to be floating in a sea of nothingness.  I had no point of reference to focus on and I was so disorientated.  I felt as if I was blind folded, with no one leading me, but instead I was just there.  I was merely existing in an empty void of black.  Then as if the blind fold had been lifted I looked out to see an approaching light in the darkness.  It was coming at me quickly, it was a blur racing towards me.

Before I could feel my eyes blink, a bright green transparent figure stood floating before me. The figure’s head was covered in hood and I couldn’t make out any of the features of the figure’s face.  It wore a ragged robe that covered its entire body and it stood there watching me, not moving for what seemed an eternity.  Finally it brought its arm up, as the folds of the robe parted.  I was able to peer into the depths of the shadow of the robed being.  The body of the figure was naked with glowing pale green skin, which gave off no warmth.  I made out a skeleton thin body and I was able to see the chest rise and fall as it took deep breaths.  The skin of the alien figure was stretched and clung so tightly to his body that I feared any movement might cause it to tear open.  It brought to mind the image of a decomposing body or what the ancient mummy kings of Egypt must have looked like when their bodies were exhumed.

The figure raised a hand that consisted of two fingers at least 12 inches long with another shorter finger about half that length all with a deadly razor black nails protruding. I looked up to see one of those horrible razors pointed directly at me.  Still no sound had penetrated the silence, only the glow from the ghostly figure broke the darkness.  I watched as the head of the figure tilted to one side and I immediately knew that I was be studied and measured.  I felt as any caged animal must feel.

I tried to talk, I did, I swear. My voice eluded me as no sound came out but my lips moved.  No air escaped my body.

How was I breathing?

How is this possible?

Where am I?

Questions began racing through my mind.

Am I going to die, as my world meets the faith I had been shown by the mysterious figure in blue armor?

Something happened in that instant, whether it was the dumbest thing or the smartest thing, I don’t know. I brought my hand up and I pointed at the alien figure in the same manner that it was pointing at me.  There we were, two unknown figures, locked in some sort of struggle for dominance, sizing each other up.

Then the figure leaned his head back and from its lips escaped a terrible sound, which will haunt my dreams until the end of my days.

“HA! HA! HA!”


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