Not The Only Ones

“You do not belong here, Terran, who let you enter this reality?” The alien figure peered out from beneath his hood.  “They must surely wish ill will upon you, for you will not survive.  You will die a horrendous death.  No Terran has ever been allowed to embark on the Trail of the Green Flame.  Its suicide for you to even try, go leave this place at once.”  The gravelly voice that escaped the body of the alien could have been one of a male or a female.  It was deep and hoarse, with an almost ancient tone to it.  The alien stopped talking and now appeared to be waiting for an answer.  I gazed into where I guessed the eyes of the being must have been, had they not been covered in shadows.

“Who allowed me to enter this place is of no importance, but that which I seek is of the utmost urgency. I beg you, please, tell me can I find the power here to stop the Salvatear?” I paused then I bowed my head in a sign of respect.  “Please you do not understand what is coming to my planet.  I have to stop it and to do that, I need power.”  Finally, lowering his three fingered hand, the being seemed to relax a bit.

“The Salvatear, you say? That lot is bad but not nearly as bad as the collective force for which they are employed by.  That group is something truly evil and the horrors that they will rain upon Terra will be unlike anything you can even begin to imagine.  You think you know what you are asking for, but you do not have even the slightest inkling.  I am the gatekeeper, a being from a time long ago, my entire race has been wiped from galactic records.  You see, the Salvatear were not the first race to be employed by the group.  This collective force seeks out races that hunger for power and make promises to the people of that race.  They came to my home world, Estair, they brought gifts and told us of the unknown riches that lay waiting for us to grasp them.  All we had to do was be willing to attack and enslave entire populations of other planets.  Then we would transport the prisoners to a processing plant where they would be properly disposed of.  They used my race, they used us until there was nothing left.  They sent our women and children to what they claimed was a safe haven.  It was no safe haven though, you see I was madly in love with my life mate, Joorane, I couldn’t bear to be away from her.  I had no desire for these riches that were built upon the bodies of a people who had done us no wrong.  So rather than answer the battle cry for war, I stuck upon the transport vessel to be with my Joorane.”  His voice broke up and I could hear pain and anguish as he spoke.  He brought his hand up and pulled back the hood.  I got my first look upon his face.  He was hairless with a smooth shining bald head.  He had four doomed shaped eyes that protruded from his face and a long forehead.  All four eyes were filled with tears, I could see that the iris of each eye was a deep rich purple color.  His nose began underneath his eyes and flowed down until it reached his mouth and then flared up like a hook.  He had a long mouth that went from one end of his face to the next with wide lips with his lower teeth jutting out of his mouth.  His skin was pale and old looking with wrinkles running the entire length of his face.  It was the image of a broken man, I knew this image you could see it on the faces of those who had given up and quit.

“What happened on that transport vessel?” I asked after it became apparent that he was not going to answer on his own accord.  I looked up to see all four of his eyes staring intently at me.

“They killed them all.”


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