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When I began looking for ways to make extra money, Ibotta, came up several times during my search. I will admit at first I was a bit wary of the whole make money with apps thing.  I am glad to say that I did not let that scare me.

So I did some research into Ibotta and I discovered that millions of people have been using Ibotta to get money back on everyday purchases. So I decided to dive right in and I downloaded the app.

Upon opening the app I was greeted with the standard fill in my profile information. After I put in my name, email address, my gender, and my birthday, I was shown a long list of categories.  Selecting one of the categories opens up a menu where you can select the store you will be shopping at.

It is worth noting that not all rebates are applicable at all stores, some are only redeemable if you shop at certain stores. I noticed that Walmart tends to have a lot of its own rebates that are not applicable elsewhere.

Clicking on your desired store brings up another menu of categories like frozen, new items, hot items, breakfast items, and many other choices. This can seem a bit overwhelming at first but don’t stress out yet.  If you simply want to go to the store and pick up an item that you would normally just buy anywhere else you can just click on the search bar on the top of the screen and scan the item.

Once you have found any item that offers a rebate you will see a screen with a picture of the item and a red bar with Unlock and the amount of money you can get back. Pressing on that button brings up one of a few things.  It can be a poll where you would select your answer.  It could be a quiz like question don’t worry you get to keep guessing until it you get it right.  A video could pop that you will have to watch if you want to unlock the rebate.

After completing the required task to unlock the rebate you then go back to the previous screen but now you see that the bar is green and says unlocked. Underneath that is small green circle that says verify purchases.

The next screen has two steps listed on it. The first step is easy you simply press the red select rebate and then select the rebates you want to claim.

The last step is going to vary depending on the store that you purchased the items from. If you made your purchases at Walmart then you will have to scan a QR code.  If you purchased from any other store that Ibotta works with then you will just take a picture of your receipt.

Simple now you wait and once Ibotta verifies your purchase with the rebate you will be notified that the money has been added to your account.

One thing that should be noted for some reason Ibotta does not work with any purchases made at Savemart. I am sure there are other stores that it does not work with but in my experience the only store so far that has not allowed me to use rebates is Savemart.

Another thing Ibotta recently started using a no receipt message for Best Buy purchases. If you claim a rebate at Best Buy you have to create a Best Buy Ibotta QR code and have them scan that code before completing your purchase.  I admit I screwed up the first time and I had to return the items and then rebuy them having them scan the code first the second time around.  A neat feature but it does take some getting used to.

Ibotta also offers a teamwork feature. If you link your Ibotta account with your Facebook account it will automatically use your friends as your teammates. The way this works is basically you all work together each month claiming rebates.  As you all claim rebates and earn money you will reach a bonus tier level.  Each level offers a payout reward for reaching that level.  So if you claimed 10 rebates and your team claimed 10 rebates and you all earned a total of $15.00 dollars then at bonus tier 1 you all would receive an extra $1.00 added to your account.

If teamwork is something you are interested in there is actually a wonderful group of people who banded together to maximum their earning potential and formed a Facebook group.

The group is called Ibotta Friends! And I highly recommend joining the members there are extremely kind and helpful if you have any questions at all.

Which brings me to bonuses, Ibotta offers monthly bonuses that you can claim on top of your normal rebates. Often times these bonuses are rewarded if you buy a few things from the same company.  For example I purchased castle wood ham and got a rebate of $1.75 then I purchased castle wood cheese and got a rebate of $1.75.  Ibotta, offers a bonus if you claim both the meat and the cheese of $0.75.  So I earned an extra $0.75 bonus rebate.  There are several bonuses to check out and then change often you can select bonuses from the drop down menu.

The main reason we are all here though is getting paid. Ibotta offers to pay you out in various ways however you have to have earned at least $20.00 dollars.  From the drop down menu select withdrawal Cash.  Then simply select you desired payout method.  You can go with Paypal, Venmo, or a gift card.  I chose to link my Paypal account and usually the funds are deposited within two business days.

It really is one of the simplest ways to earn money back on your normal everyday purchases.

This App for me:

Started:                                                                March 15, 2016

Today’s Date:                                                     May 24, 2016

Total Money Claimed:                                     $167.00

Here is the link to the Ibotta website:

If you use my referral code you will $10.00 dollars if you claim your first rebate within 14 days of using my referral code to set up your account.

Referral Code:   mrlalsl



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