The Zombie Saver Acorns

The Best Ways I Learned To Save Money


This particular App has been presented as an entry level tool to get you started in the world of stock market investing.

Over the course of the last thirty days I have saved a combined total of $97.38.

Acorns gets you started investing using their method of rounding up to the nearest dollar on your purchases once you link your back account. This basically means that anytime you make a purchase or even pay a bill using that bank account Acorns will round up.

So if you go to your favorite coffee shop in the morning to fuel up using your preferred gas of hot ground coffee, and it costs you $3.85. Acorns will automatically take the other $0.15 and invest that into your account.  Meaning that you just saved $0.15 towards retirement or that vacation you keep promising yourself before you even made it to work that day.

Upon first opening Acorns you will be greeted by a vibrant green screen and then prompted to create an account. This will include creating a user name, an email, a pin code which will functions as your way of logging in quickly from your phone, and a password.  Along with your bank account information which will fund your Acorns account.

The whole purpose of using Acorns is to improve your finical situation so naturally I researched in depth their security protocols.

Acorns, offers SSL encryption both their website and app run a 256-bit encryption. Each and every account is insured up to $500,000.00 for fraud.  Their servers are actually protected by a physical security company.  If they do sense anything amiss with your account they will send out an alert to your phone.  And last but not least they protect your account by using a multi-factor authentication system; the app automatically logs you out after an idol period.

Acorns recently in the last few weeks rolled out their Found Money Beta test program. They essentially worked out deals with other companies.  So if you spend money at one of these companies then that company will automatically invest money back into your account.  Sounds great right?  It is a really neat feature however as with most things there is a catch, normally you have to spend a certain amount with the companies before they will deposit money back into your account.

The companies that they are currently working with are: The Dollar Shave Club, Jet, Hotel Tonight,, and JackThreads. The link explaining in more depth the Found Money Beta Program is here.

Personally I did look into the Hotel Tonight. In order to get money back I would have to spend $100.00 dollars on a room.  Not a lot all things considered but it could be too much if you are trying to save money as I am sure you are.

If you wanted to look into I will add a link to Acorns website:

The best part for me is that you can withdrawal your money anytime that you want. I did of course test this and the money was back into my account within two business days.

This App for me:

Started:                                                                March 15, 2016

Today’s Date:                                    May 24, 2016

Total Money Invested:                  $266.16

Dividends Earned:                           $0.34

Returns Earned:                                               $0.71

If you want to get started then feel free to use my referral code for a free $5.00 investment.

Referral Code:   SSYPKT


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