The Zombie Cosplayer LOL

LOL: Who’s your champion?


League of Legends has become a gaming phenomenon since its release on October 27, 2009.  In case you have been living under a rock, League of Legends is a computer game developed by Riot Games that offers fast and hard real-time strategy gameplay.

You might be asking yourself, if its free than how is it so successful, the answer being rather quite simple, Microtransactions.

In the game players are transformed into grand summoners who take control of champions.  Each of these Champions over different and unique abilities and powers for you to wage your war.  After you have taken control and you have picked your Champion then it is time to go to war.

The fiercely competitive battles mainly involve you and your team attempting to crush the other team.  Upon starting the game the Champions start out weak but you can increase their strength by gathering items and experience throughout the game.

In 2012 League of Legends became the number one most played computer game in North American and Europe.

Then in 2014 the number of registered players playing each month reached 67 million.  At any given time during 2014 you could find up to 7.5 million players logged in.

Below is a trailer for the game League of Legends.


The fans of the game not only participate in grand worldwide combat but also show their love for the game by cosplaying.  Cosplay has quickly become a way not only to show your love for a game, anime, or movie but also as a way to express yourself.

Some fan favorites when it comes to Cosplay Champions from League of Legends include Katarina, Ezreal, Warwick, and Annie.

Katarina Du Couteau – The Sinister Blade

Katarina also known as the Sinister Blade is an assassin in the world of the League of Legends.  She is driven by an unmatched killer instinct.  She fights for Noxus and wants to ensure the future of her family.  She has been fighting ever since she was a child.  Her father being a general in Noxus army.  She wields a matching set of blades and brings death to any who stand her way.

It is easy to see the appeal of Katarina.  She is a strong female character who shows no fear.  She wears a black set of armor with silver bracers and black boots.

She has an alternate costume which can be unlocked.  The soccer costume below was created in 2010 to celebrate the World Cup.  It was later removed on October 31, 2010.  But never fear you might not be able to get this costume in the game but you can pick it from Rolecosplay.


Ezreal – The Prodigal Explorer

Ezreal is a brash young explorer out looking for adventure.  He has been exploring some the most dangerous locations in the world of League of Legends.  In particular the now deserted, Runeterra.  It was during his trip here that he uncovered an ancient amulet that gives him his powers.

Below you see his more traditional grab.  The brown jacket with crisscross straps and a blue undershirt.

If you are looking to spice things a bit then check out this skin based on his light deacon skin.  This is sure to catch the eye of your fellow cosplayers.

Warwick – The Blood Hunter

Warwick while not the traditional character one might cosplay is worth mentioning, simply well because he is my favorite Champion.  Warwick was once a man who was known for his ability to track down specimens for scientific research that was taken right out of a horror movie.  During one such experiment he drank a dark elixir that has now transformed him into a blood thirsty manhunter.

Below you can see a cosplayer using the Tundra Hunter skin for their cosplay costume.

Annie – The Dark Child

Annie also known as the Dark Child is the unholy spawn of a Grey Warlock and a Shadow Witch.  She is attuned to the world of magic in a way that few others are.  At the ripe age of 2 Annie tamed a Shadow Bear and made it her pet.  She named him Tibbers.  She wields a dark arcane magic that gives her immense power.

Annie’s cosplay costume is simpler than most.  A deep purple dress, with striped stockings, and a pick devil headband.

Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay costumes can be homemade in some cases but if you are a true cosplayer then you know that you have to purchase some of the items.  Currently one of the top ranked stores to purchase cosplay costumes, wigs, shirts, and much more is

The folks over at Rolecosplay have strived to offer amazing products at even better prices.  You will find cosplay costumes ranging from Batman to League of Legends, and everything in between.

If you are considering cosplay a Champion from League of Legends look no further for the folks over at Rolecosplay have you covered.  They offer some of the best League of Legends costumes that money can buy.

Check out this amazing piece based on the Champion Zingiber. Notice the long flowing black jacket with highlighting in gold.

Below you can see a cosplay costume based on Kathleen from League of Legends.  The bright shiny dress with a  matching top is sure to make you the talk of the town.

Cosplay Stores

While there may be may stores out there to choose from you would be hard pressed to find a store that offers a great variety of choice than Rolecosplay.

You can find cosplay costumes for just about any anime, movie, or game you can think of.  Plus you can find all kinds of great accessories like wigs, shirts, and even props.

Below is an amazing wig that can serve as the basis of your Ezreal cosplay costume.

You can use the big wavy red hair for many characters you might be considering, when you are creating your cosplay costume.

You can find some amazing shirts so you can rep your favorite game no matter where you.

That is the beauty of Rolecosplay they have a vast variety of products at great prices.  Best place to shop for your cosplay needs, look no further than the great folks over at




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