Inmate Silva Slumped forward in his chair and let tears roll down his cheeks unashamed.  He just kept repeating the same words over and over. “I am so sorry.  God forgive me, God forgive us.”  I attempted to interrupt him in his grief but I was unable to reach him.  He just couldn’t seem to […]

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The Promise

I sat there watching Mr. Silva in his yellow jumpsuit glare at me with his dark brown piercing eyes.  His eyes seemed to be watching everything at once, he vigilantly scanned the room.  Immediately I felt that uneasy feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you know things are not as they should be.  […]

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In the Beginning…

I was told that I needed to begin keeping a journal by my therapist.  So as I sit here staring at the ceiling not really sure what I should write about a thought has occurred to me.  Why not introduce myself, I know it seems rather weird to introduce myself to a journal which I […]

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