The Fire

I looked up locking my gaze on Todd. Taking in the situation, I knew that my answer was simple.  I was beginning to feel light headed.  The poisonous blood was running its course through my body.  I could feel my temperature spiking.  There was so much pressure on my temples that I thought my head […]

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The Mysterious Todd

I froze looking up at the figure not really comprehending that he had even spoken to me. My eyes scanned his pale face as my brain raced to process what I was seeing.  His face was long and larger than a normal human head.  He had two large blue eyes that seemed to be piercing […]

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The Light

Time seemed to freeze in that moment; I could see the Major’s back as his attention was intensely focused on what was making that noise. I pushed myself up onto my hands and knees trying to be as quiet as I possibly could.  I looked around and located Officer Reese lying about five feet to […]

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What is he?

Time seemed to come to a halt as Silva lunged over me towards the Major. I could see Silva flying forcefully through the air as a smile crept across Major Fox’s face. Then in the blink of an eye I watched the Major move with inhuman speed. If I hadn’t been watching closely I probably […]

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“They even brought a Major with them.” The words sent a shiver of bone chilling terror down my spine.  Questions began to race through my mind at 100 miles an hour.  What was going on?  Why had this man Silva ended up here and how the hell did I get tangled up in this mess?  Why was […]

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Inmate Silva Slumped forward in his chair and let tears roll down his cheeks unashamed.  He just kept repeating the same words over and over. “I am so sorry.  God forgive me, God forgive us.”  I attempted to interrupt him in his grief but I was unable to reach him.  He just couldn’t seem to […]

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